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This is the true story of the epic voyage of the Caisley family, an average family of four from a rural village in England who sailed away from England in an old.
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Sail Endeavour - Australian National Maritime Museum

As the festive season approached, Tony Walker was invited to travel to Lanzarote for the start of the Christmas Caribbean Sailing Rally. Little did I know when I boarded my flight in Seville, what an amazing weekend I was about to have. Sailing Rallies, a company specialising in trans ocean crossings had organised the event.

Entries included a range of sailing vessels with crews of various levels of experience. With all of the entries managed by experienced skippers. I was amazed to learn that some of the crew members had no sailing experience whatsoever! I suspected that they were going to endure a steep learning curve as they crossed the wide expanse of the Atlantic to land ultimately on the island of Antigua.

In my nievity, I had expected to see large boats, perhaps only a little smaller than cruise liners that would be capable of making such a voyage.

Voyage of a lifetime on Tall Ship Lord Nelson

How wrong could I have been? I was invited onboard Southern Child, a sleek racing yacht — a mere forty feet long. With a crew of eight, including the skipper, accommodation was going to be cosy. Four of the crew sleeping for four hours at a stretch with others on deck, taking care of sailing the boat.

The Voyage of their Life

The young, multinational crew, was made up of six females and just two men. An enthusiastic bunch, who had mustered in Lanzarote over the previous few days. They were raring to go!

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Activity was frantic during the few days before sailing. Supermarket shopping trolleys laden with provisions being pushed along the dock by various members of the crew. I was astonished to see where all this stuff was stored on board.

Voyage of a Lifetime

The issues keep her awake at night to the extent she has gone from feeling "some guilt" when taking a flight, to trying to avoid airports altogether, and while being a fan of the aforementioned Greta Thunberg, she feels a "little frustrated" with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recently well-publicised trips on private jets. The group arrives in Brazil in November, travelling on then to Valparaiso in Chile for the COY15 Conference of Youth before heading to Santiago for the main event where members hope to raise awareness and "push world leaders to act".

The main aim is to draw attention to the topic of aviation and a lack of global regulation, as Jacinata points out that emissions from this industry alone will undermine efforts in all other sectors.

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Among the many sobering facts on the project's website sailtothecop. It's all very serious stuff, but ahead of her great voyage of discovery she has been trying to switch off with yoga and relaxing "back home" with family and friends. That thought drives me and also makes me thankful that we're still at the point where can do something about it. Down woman Jacinta hoping for a fair wind on climate change voyage of a lifetime In many ways, our future relies on the passion and single mindedness of young climate change crusaders like those about to board a tall ship bound for the 25th UN Conference on Climate Change in Chile.

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  • Sole Northern Ireland participant Jacinta Hamley spoke to Gail Bell about her hopes and fears for a voyage of a lifetime Jacinta Hamley flies the flag for climate crisis solutions at Donegall Quay in Belfast. Picture by Hugh Russell. Gail Bell.

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