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skylark (plural skylarks) . skylark (third-person singular simple present skylarks, present participle skylarking, Google Ngram Viewer: "skylark, skylarking".
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Morgan L. Michael D. I will never go back to my ikea sheets again Brooke C. Now that's what I call amazing customer service!!! It is now usually considered a subspecies of the Eurasian skylark. Eleven subspecies are recognized: [3]. Some authorities recognise the subspecies A.

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It has a short blunt crest on the head, which can be raised and lowered. In flight it shows a short tail and short broad wings. The tail and the rear edge of the wings are edged with white, which are visible when the bird is flying away, but not if it is heading towards the observer. The male has broader wings than the female. This adaptation for more efficient hovering flight may have evolved because of female Eurasian skylarks' preference for males that sing and hover for longer periods and so demonstrate that they are likely to have good overall fitness.

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The long, unbroken song is a clear, bubbling warble delivered high in the air while the bird is rising, circling or hovering. At wind farm sites, male skylarks have been found to sing at higher frequencies as a result of wind turbine noise. This lark breeds across most of Europe and Asia and in the mountains of north Africa.

It is mainly resident in the west of its range, but eastern populations are more migratory , moving further south in winter. Even in the milder west of its range, many birds move to lowlands and the coast in winter. Asian birds, subspecies A.

In the 19th century multiple batches of Eurasian skylarks were released in New Zealand beginning in in Nelson in the South Island and in in Auckland in the North Island. The wild population increased rapidly and had spread throughout both the North and South Islands by the s.

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In Australia the Eurasian skylark was introduced on multiple occasions beginning in It is widespread throughout Victoria and Tasmania and also occurs in the south-eastern corner of South Australia around Adelaide. The Eurasian skylark was introduced to the southeastern Hawaiian Islands beginning in Although once common, it has declined in abundance on Oahu and is no longer found on Kauai. A study published in found European skylarks remained only on the islands of Hawaii and Maui and estimated a total population of 10, individuals.

The Eurasian skylark was introduced to Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada in ; additional birds were introduced in Eurasian skylarks first breed when they are one year of age. Nesting may start in late March or early April. The nest is probably built by the female alone and is a shallow depression in the ground lined with grasses. The clutch is 3 to 5 eggs. The eggs of the nominate subspecies average They have a grey-white or greenish background and are covered in brown or olive spots.

They are incubated only by the female beginning after the last egg is laid and hatch synchronously after 11 days. They are independent of their parents after around 25 days. The parents can have up to 4 broods in a season. The Eurasian skylark walks over the ground searching for food on the soil surface.

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Its diet consists of insects and plant material such as seeds and young leaves. Unlike a finch family Fringillidae it swallows seeds without removing the husk.

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Insects form an important part of the diet in summer. In the UK, Eurasian skylark numbers have declined over the last 30 years, as determined by the Common Bird Census started in the early s by the British Trust for Ornithology. The RSPB have shown that this large decline is mainly due to changes in farming practices and only partly due to pesticides. In the past cereals were planted in the spring, grown through the summer and harvested in the early autumn. Cereals are now planted in the autumn, grown through the winter and are harvested in the early summer. The winter grown fields are much too dense in summer for the Eurasian skylark to be able to walk and run between the wheat stems to find its food.

English farmers are now encouraged and paid to maintain and create biodiversity for improving the habitat for Eurasian skylarks. Natural England 's Environmental Stewardship Scheme offers 5 and year grants for various beneficial options. For example there is an option where the farmer can opt to grow a spring cereal instead of a winter one, and leave the stubble untreated with pesticide over the winter. The British Trust for Ornithology likens the stubbles to "giant bird tables" — providing spilt grain and weed seed to foraging birds.

This is repeated in several areas within the same field to make about two skylark plots per hectare. Subsequent spraying and fertilising can be continuous over the entire field.

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DEFRA suggests that Eurasian skylark plots should not be nearer than 24 m to the perimeter of the field, should not be near to telegraph poles, and should not be enclosed by trees. When the crop grows, the Eurasian skylark plots areas without crop seeds become areas of low vegetation where Eurasian skylarks can easily hunt insects, and can build their well camouflaged ground nests.

These areas of low vegetation are just right for skylarks, but the wheat in the rest of the field becomes too closely packed and too tall for the bird to seek food. At the RSPB's research farm in Cambridgeshire skylark numbers have increased threefold from 10 pairs to 30 pairs over six years. Fields where Eurasian skylarks were seen the year before or nearby would be obvious good sites for skylark plots.

Farmers have reported that skylark plots are easy to make and the RSPB hope that this simple effective technique can be copied nationwide. When the word "lark" is used without specification, it usually refers to this species. Although the Oxford English Dictionary describes this usage as "fanciful", it traces it back to a quotation from John Lydgate dating from about The verb and noun "lark", with similar meaning, may be related to "skylark" or to the dialect word "laik" New Shorter OED.

It is also the bird emblem of Kumamoto Prefecture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Species of bird. For other uses, see Skylark disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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