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Sarah Tremellen number 26 could not find a bra that was comfortable when she was pregnant and decided that the paucity of bras for larger women suggested a business opportunity. She launched the hugely successful Bravissimo, and her clever designs have kept her ahead of the established opposition.

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Given a Peugeot to drive when his BMW was damaged, Richard Abel number 12 saw an opportunity for supplying luxury car owners with a decent temporary replacement in the event of a crash. The third characteristic of our MT personalities is their perseverance in achieving goals.

E. P. Dutton & Company, Inc. Records An inventory of its records at Syracuse University

It took Hamish Ogston number 4 10 years to move the CPP card protection operation into profit, but not once did he give up. For her part, Penny Streeter number 13 stuck with the recruitment business even after the failure of her first foray into the field, and tried again with Ambition 24 - crucially, she'd learnt to control her cost base second time around. Productivity improvement is another key strength of our Top And yet our MT have achieved this in the face of virtual indifference from the Bank of England's monetary policy committee, a Government that is constantly accused of creating layers of red tape and stealth taxes, and an economic climate in which overseas competition is more vicious than ever.

Truly, the MT and all those entrepreneurs who have not yet made it to this list are the real heroes. The elite top 10 of our Top entrepreneurs includes a retailer, a dot. If he wore a skirt, Dinesh Dhamija reckons that more people would take notice of his fast-growing online travel group, ebookers.

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The level of public perception of ebookers is much less than its smaller rival, lastminute. Still, Dhamija can draw on more than 20 years' experience in business and, as he says, 'there's no short cut to experience'. Born in Australia the son of a diplomat, Dhamija lived in India, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia and the Netherlands, but calls Britain home after moving here in He took a law degree graduating with a third at Cambridge, started out as a travel agent in , when he rented an sq-ft booth in Earls Court tube station.

From this, he sold cheap air tickets to budget travellers, before launching the Flightbookers travel agency in - well before the internet had even been thought of. It was not until that ebookers was launched as an in-house website for Flightbookers. It grew rapidly and was de-merged as a separate company in February After its flotation, ebookers continued to grow rapidly but was hit by the high-tech downturn and the collapse in travel following the outrages of 11 September. By then, ebookers had bought out its parent, Flightbookers, and its former customers migrated online to help the business grow.

New businesses are developed organically or acquired. Born of a need to reduce costs, the Indian operation's call-centre has expanded from about staff to 2,, and Dhamija is in talks to provide third-party work from the facility. What was a back-office function could become a separate profit centre. The success of ebookers has helped make Dhamija a wealthy man. From a small London office, accountant Andrew Turner set up Central Trust in as a broker and lender of secured loans in the consumer finance sector. Now based in Norwich, the business is growing fast, with another jobs due to be created over the next two years.

Its principal subsidiary is one of the largest independent finance brokers offering loans to UK homeowners, while other subsidiaries operate in the loan and mortgage packaging and telemarketing markets. Earlier this year, Turner launched a new state-of-the art computer system, which he reckons will give Central Trust a competitive advantage.

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It's a demanding goal, but few would bet against the low-key accountant pulling it off. Leaving Shoreditch Comprehensive at 15 to bring in money for his family, Peter Cruddas worked as a teleprinter typist for Western Union. He later worked as a telex operator in a bank dealing room, where he became so good at it that they let him do the trades. Soon he was working in commodity broking, but, at 35 and burnt out, he chucked it in to set up on his own as a foreign exchange consultant.

Currency Management Consultants took off in the first Gulf War in , when it bought foreign exchange for Middle Eastern banks, which the larger British and American institutions were too nervous to deal with. CMC grew rapidly after that, when a software developer came to Cruddas with the idea of developing a real-time trading system - he had approached the big banks in vain.

CMC also acts as a market-maker to clients in forex, derivatives and spread betting. There had been talk of a Nasdaq float in the late s, but Cruddas will not take that route. From his Monaco base, he can easily commute to his London office to keep an eye on operations and he still owns all the company with his family. Cruddas reckons his Shoreditch schooling has helped. I'm streetwise. That's something you don't get at Eton or Harrow.

Sometimes, it is just sheer luck that can save a fortune, as Hamish Ogston well knows. Three years ago, unimpressed by the performance of his pension provider, he decided to switch pension fund managers.

Gary Vaynerchuk On Business Building, Social Media, Leadership

But after his policies had been turned into cash ready to go into new policies, Ogston hit a snag. Some documentation was missing and the transfer ground to a halt with the money in the bank. And there the situation remained - except that he cashed in right at the peak of the bull market. Had the money gone into a pension, it would now be worth half or less. Ogston really does know about good service. The son of a dental surgeon, he tried his hand at a number of ventures after university before setting up the CPP Group in The York-based operation is a leading provider of what are termed assistance products and services throughout Europe, including Card Protection Plan, which provides credit and payment card protection to millions of card users worldwide; similar services exist for lost keys Keycover and mobile phone protection.

CPP now partners more than leading consumer brands in the financial services, utilities, telecom and retail sectors. The group has a worldwide base of over Ogston owns virtually all the business and slogged away from to as it made losses for the entire decade, refusing to give up. A float is likely this year when the market improves. With 20 million customers, Sophos is one of those classic niche high-tech businesses that Britain is so good at producing.

The business dates back to when founders Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer met at Oxford, where they were both bright postgraduates. They hit it off and in co-founded Sophos as a computer security software company. It was initially tough going and by they were considering either moving into importing crockery from Italy or trading coal and soda ash via Russian and Chinese contacts. But they decided to stick with it, and today Sophos is a world leader in anti-virus software.

Two-thirds of FTSE companies are protected by its products. The crockery industry's loss is clearly the high tech sector's gain. From trading in jackets, he settled down to open his first superstore in There are more stores on the way, which will take the total to 13, and this should push up sales and profits sharply. In , Gordon Shields founded Shields Environmental, an Essex-based precious metals reclaiming and recycling group.

TOP 100 ENTREPRENEURS: Enterprise Nation

It is best known for the Fonebank scheme, launched in to recycle old mobile phones. About 15 million are upgraded annually in the UK, equal to 1, tons of potentially hazardous landfill from the discarded phones. A veteran of the telecom sector, Charles Wigoder qualified as a chartered accountant before becoming a City analyst. But Wigoder was too young to retire and immediately started up again with Telecom Plus, using many of his old team from Peoples Phone.

Its flagship product, the Smart Box, is free and plugs into the phone socket, where it hunts out the best line rates. Denys Shortt grew up in India and East Africa, where his father was a tea estate manager.

Read PDF An Stor-Data Briathrachais Gaidhlig: Leabhar 1 = Online

Educated in Britain, Shortt spent most of his time at school playing hockey, and from the age of 14 to 22 played for England in more than international matches. On leaving school, he worked for the family business, a groceries wholesaler called Shakespeare Products, where he learnt his business skills. In , Shortt set up his own venture, DCS Europe, which he has built into a leading distributor of health and beauty products. DCS exports En brands to more than 45 countries around the world through its export division exportbrands.

Shortt even moved into web content software after he found that internet solutions available for his online sales growth were expensive and poor, and has developed his own proprietary solution, Enable Software, which he markets to other retailers. High-flyers who have achieved success by the age of 40 or under. Interestingly, the sector is dominated by women. Penny Streeter's first business went bust in , forcing her to move into homeless accommodation as she had so little money.

Since then, she has made a remarkable recovery. Streeter originally trained as a beauty therapist but went into the recruitment business instead. She flourished as a branch manager before deciding in to go it alone. Unfortunately, she moved her new business into expensive offices just before the recession struck. After the failure of this first business, Streeter briefly returned to South Africa, where she had been raised. She came back to Britain and moved again into the recruitment industry.

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  • This time around she did it differently, taking a small desk in the corner of a friend's office. With her mother's help, she worked alternate days so they could share childcare costs. At weekends, with money tight, they worked as DJs at children's parties. In they moved the business to the high street and changed the name to Ambition. The big break came when, aside from their normal financial services and secretarial recruitment, they were asked to supply care assistants for a nursing home.

    It was an untapped market. Streeter started training and supplying staff, often driving them to remote homes in Surrey to get them to work on time. Nursing homes need staff at any time of day or night, so the company operated 24 hours a day, renaming itself Ambition 24 Hours. The effort paid off. Streeter has diversified into the social care sector and runs a locum service for doctors. She also plans to move into the private healthcare market. Brent Hoberman has been called 'nearly-famous', which suits him well. While all the publicity for the lastminute. It is just over five years since lastminute was born, offering a range of last-minute flight and holiday deals over the web.

    Its famous flotation in March at the height of the internet boom was marked by enormous publicity, but then the shares fell sharply as boom turned to crash. But unlike shoals of other internet start-ups, lastminute not only survived but is prospering.

    Its shares were floated at p and then sank to By keeping a tight rein on costs and growing by acquisition, lastminute is now close to making large profits, which is why we can include Hoberman and Lane Fox on this list.