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Click here to read our full review of the Digitech AR Pros: Smooth digital tuning with no muting between frequencies, excellent synchronous detector, functional SSB mode, direct frequency entry via keypad, brilliant ergonomics, excellent sensitivity and selectivity a best-in-class! It has rock-solid performance all around with pleasant audio from the built-in speaker, and one of the best synchronous detectors on the portables market. Pros: Excellent sensitivity and selectivity on the shortwave bands, improved weak signal stability over the PL, stable sync lock, proven form factor with good overall ergonomics, great internal speaker——an improvement over the PL, but not as good as the PL——in short, other than medium-wave performance see con , a worthy replacement for the PL; also sports excellent audio from the PL internal speaker: improved over the PL, but not matching the fidelity of the PL Click here to read our full review of the PL Pros: Considerate design and ergonomics, well-tailored for the traveler, excellent sensitivity and selectivity for a compact radio, faster AIR scanning compared with the original CC Skywave, better HF frequency coverage than the original Skywave 1.

Crane in case you shop for a used unit. Since first being introduced to the Skywave SSB last year, it has become my choice travel portable. The audio from the PL internal speaker is simply unsurpassed in this size of radio. C lick here to read our list of PL hidden features. Pros: Excellent sensitivity, excellent audio from built-in speaker, ergonomic and intuitive interface, uses common AA batteries, multi-joint swivel antenna is best in class, excellent build quality, display is easy to read, effective station memory management.

Cons: Mutes between frequencies, executive Satellit model typically costs more than previous non-executive model.

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Summary: The Satellit has a dedicated following among hard-core DXers, both the audio and superb sensitivity placing it well within the realm of benchmark receivers. Pros: Brilliant audio fidelity from built-in speaker, dedicated AM bandwidth and fine tuning controls, excellent bespoke IR remote control, capable SSB mode, excellent shortwave sensitivity, excellent shortwave selectivity, excellent FM performance, easy-to-read backlit LCD digital display, remote control beautifully equipped for full radio functionality, included rechargeable lithium batteries power this radio for hours, BNC connection for external antennas, does not overload even when connected to large external antennas.

Summary: If your primary use of the S is for medium-wave or long-wave DXing, you should look elsewhere. While the S will serve you well with local AM stations, it will not dig signals out of the noise like other better-equipped AM receivers. Indeed, it is the most sensitive and selective shortwave portable I own. Keep in mind that this is a curated list of some of my favorites that are widely available on the market new. Manufacturers add DSP to reliable models in order to increase profit margin, since DSP chips cost a fraction of traditional receiver design.

All are top-notch performers and, when paired with an effective antenna , can pull out weak signals much better than a portable radio ever could. This is no longer the case. Modern general coverage HF transceivers can rival dedicated tabletop receivers in many cases. This is a mere sampling of some of the excellent general-coverage transceivers on the market.

Before you purchase a general-coverage transceiver, simply make sure it has AM mode and that the bandwidth is wide enough for pleasant audio. Ask current owners how their transceiver sounds on the broadcast bands. The good news is, we live in an era with an extraordinary number of options covering all price ranges and uses. Your support makes articles like this one possible. Thank you! The Retekess V A.

Click here to read our previous reviews of this radio. Click here to view on Amazon. After promising this series a year and a half ago, I finally have started digging through the collection, and will start posting about once a week.

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The radios, and accessories may not have anything in common as seen in this post , but were all acquired because they were in some way interesting, or sentimental to me. You just put this near the radio and peak it for reception. I was watching for one of these in good shape, and not overpriced, and they have been in and out of production over the years.

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This one is from a later production run as can be seen by the extended AM range Jay Allen reviewed the S. Many have already reviewed this radio. All I can say is that if you like small, decent-sounding transistor radios, you will not be disappointed. A great little radio at a great price and the most impressive thing here is the sound.

The radio has a small passive radiator like the Meloson M8, and M7, and really surprises me. At their headquarters , Kaiba is notified that it is time for his visit to the research and development department. As he puts on his coat, Kaiba thinks of "Operation Neurons", the development code for the company's new Duel Disk. He reflects on how they had tried numerous test versions, only a few of which were safe enough to be considered their new product. Inside a third encasing, is a test version of the Neurons VR system, which he deems to be scrap, but a failure loaded with unlocked potential. Kuwabara informs him that to collect data for the test versions, they accepted applications for test monitors and received over a million candidates.

Out of them, they gathered around thousand Duelists under the age of fifteen, irrespective of race and faith, with network data in every branch of the country providing them with data around the clock.

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Mokuba adds that it is amazing to have Duelists all over the country craving to see the world Kaiba has created and offering their help free of charge. Kaiba requests that they pay close medical attention to the test subjects. The group pass through a door into a bridge over a room, where the test subjects are sitting on the floor wearing the Neurons headgear. Kaiba explains that the electromagnetic coils of the Neurons gear detect brainwave activity, which it converts to electromagnetic signals. Mokuba further comments that with Neurons systems interacting with each other around the world, people who have never seen each other are Dueling in VR space, in the world Kaiba created; the world of Duel Links.

He explains how Duelists can create Decks from card data sent across the cloud server and that they can even group together based on their brainwave frequency—their Duel pulse. People can form guilds, such as dragon users or pirates. Using a much smaller headpiece, Kaiba is able to see what is happening in the Duel Links. He explains that the ATK of monsters Summoned from the Crystal Cloud Server is determined from the users' brainwaves and that the power of their consciousness is the key to making monsters stronger.

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