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If you've been cheated on, then you know how crippling it can be to your self- esteem. It can send a crumbling ripple effect to your ego, making you feel worthless.
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For some, Winter says the impetus to cheat is about unhappiness in a relationship, explaining that "serial cheaters If their spouse is constantly belittling them, cheating is one way of getting even. It shifts the power dynamic and feels like a win for the partner that holds long-standing resentments.

Or it could simply boil down to self-esteem issues. Understanding why people are unfaithful is one thing, but what about serial cheaters who want to change their ways? The short answer is yes and, well, no. One of the ways to help break out of the cheating pattern is to make it much harder to keep secrets from a partner.

Not only will this reduce the chances of you slipping back into old behaviors, but total transparency is a good way to help rebuild the trust you and your partner may have lost. It's paramount to build trust back up again. That can take a long time but it begins with being completely upfront and ensuring that your words match your actions time and time again. What does that mean? Well, simply own it and be open about the fact that monogamy is not for you. I guess when you're stuck in a rut I really didn't understand his appeal in this book.

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That might be because the author didn't really paint a good picture of him. He seemed really adorable and cute. He was. Just a little too "go with the flow" for me. He put up with a lot of stupid crap from Stella which I gave him mad props for. He stuck by her and wanted to be with her so he was a nice character. He had a really sweet heart and was willing to change his "whorish ways". He was pretty damn honest with Stella from the beginning and so he was probably my favorite character in the book.

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All of Stella's friends were pretty damn judgmental. This whole book was based off a lot of judgemental. Stella getting the brunt of it and dishing it out herself. Her friends were really I don't really see the appeal to most of them. I'm starting to get ranty so I think I'm going to end my review here.

It could work for other people but all I got to say is I'm glad I got this for free. I try to research my freebies before downloading them and this has quite a few 5 and 4 star reviews. It just wasn't my kind of book.

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Oct 01, Meganm rated it it was amazing. I loved Cheating on Myself. It was such a feel good romantic comedy that made me laugh and gasp and sigh in a good way. Every once in a while, I find myself craving a good rom com with characters that I connect with and care about and Cheating on Myself did not disappoint. Stella was the kind of character I could I loved Cheating on Myself. Stella was the kind of character I could really understand and even relate to, being a list person myself.

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She thought she had everything planned out, but realized not a bit of it actually made her happy. I loved her bravery for putting herself back out into the world by herself. She made me laugh, though I totally understood her frustration at doing things alone and missing the comforts a boring and stale, but stable relationship had to offer. They seemed to enjoy her new freedom and encouraged her to push herself and try new things.

The old ladies in the water aerobics class she signed up for had me laughing out loud and the advice they gave was so real and blunt! I found Cheating on Myself to be believable and I really rooted for Stella to find her own way in the world. The conflict was very push and pull and I never knew what Stella might decide or what the consequences of certain decisions would be.

Cheating on Myself was full of romance, drama, and humor and dealt with the issues of finding yourself, figuring out what you want, and being independent. I loved it and a highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light story with memorable characters. Erin Downing is a fabulous contemporary author. She really gets into her characters and is able to pull off an extremely believable and relatable story.

Stella dealt with real world adult problems and had to navigate life as a newly single person and I thought the author executed the struggles well. Problem is — it is a long back-and-forth process to figure things out. I have to point out that it was a personal preference thing, though. The pacing was fine.

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The characters were well-developed, or at least they were as well-developed as possible, and the plot made sense. Now I will say, that I definitely found myself laughing a few times. I found myself feeling equally bad for both of them and disliking Stella further. Would I read another book by Erin Downing? Although I picked this up as a free ebook, there were few editing issues. Oct 02, Heather Wood rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed Cheating on Myself more than I expected. The setup was simple enough. It wa I really enjoyed Cheating on Myself more than I expected.

Ladies, we have to admit that one of the best feelings is when a man confesses his admiration for us. We feel as if we are prettier than all the other females around and we feel much more special and appreciated, right? It is okay to entertain this kind of confessions if we are still single. However, if we already have a romantic relationship, the right thing to do would be to turn them down. You can still keep them by making clear that you are open to a friendship, but you really have to turn down their love emotions.

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All of us have best friends, either of the same or opposite sex. And we have the right to keep them even if we are already in a romantic relationship. But if it already comes to the point that we have to keep them hidden from our partners, it becomes cheating. There are friendships that are really close, but having a friend of the opposite sex can lead to a more intimate relationship. The best thing you could do is to introduce all your close friends to your partner. You have to know that you still have the right to keep some things personal and only for yourself.

So, this advice is mainly for those who are close to giving in to the temptations of cheating. If the urge of cheating is strong inside of you, you have to resort to even giving your personal space to your spouse by letting him know the passwords of your social networks, giving him access to your cell phone and PC, and allowing him to check your emails. By doing this, it would be harder for you to keep secrets, thus you would have to think twice before cheating on him.

Positive vibes today! It is unavoidable for a relationship to go through troubles and misunderstanding. You and your partner are two different people with different life perspectives, and you will find yourselves disagreeing with each other.